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When you are thinking of starting a business, or running a business, it is important to get the right advice from the right professionals in your industry.


Choosing a proper accountant is your first priority as you would meet your accountant most frequently than other professionals.


You need to be well-informed with the latest news and updates, and make sure you are operating your business tax effectively and best suited in your situation. Individual tax payers are no exception. We keep continued contact with our clients, informing you how to meet your tax obligations and suggesting ways of improving your business or tax situation. Informed Business owners can focus on their core business, maximizing their potential and minimising their taxes.

Alex Chae CPA


BCom, MCom

CPA, Registered Tax Agent

Richard Chang CPA


BCom GDip FinMgt, MCom
CPA, Registered Tax Agent, JP NSW

Danny Ahn

Corporate Tax


Emma Kim

Tax Accountant


Lily Yoo

Tax Accountant

BArts, MPA

Iris Mu

Tax Accountant


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